19 May 2008

911 Dispatcher Fired After Swearing At Caller

Get this, the 911 operator in Nashville, Tenn. also told the female caller he didn't give a s**t about the ex-boyfriend who was threatening her.


Rightly so, he was shown the door. But once again, this is proof positive that you are your own first line of defense. Waiting for others to save the day is a fool's errand. Now, while this is a rare situation, the time needed to wait for officers to arrive may meant he difference between a caller's life and death.

At least the guy was in training and hadn't been there long enough to gain any kind of seniority. Once people are entrenched, even in civil service jobs, the "screw-up, move-up" mentality sets in.

Good riddance that this bad apple was bounced out on his keyster before his apathy got someone killed.

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