19 May 2008

California Shooting Leaves Media Debating Whom To Credit For Subduing Attacker

Hmmm . . .

Is this a case of the legacy media not wanting to suggest that regular citizens should be doing "the right thing?" That only a LEO should be going after bad guys?

This statement is found in one part of the story:

"Bystanders tackled the man and held him until he was taken into police custody, she said."

and then you have this:

"He was tackled by an off-duty Burbank police officer" and taken into custody by Los Angeles police, she said."

See the contradiction? We have seen this type of media coverage time and time again when it comes to school or church shootings. The reality is that private citizens take charge. But the media gets ahold of it and credits law enforcement for taking action. We saw it at the Colorado church shooting several months, ago; we have seen it with school shootings where teachers ran to their cars to get their firearms (CCW holders whom are prohibited by law from keeping their firearm inside the school to protect children) and put an end to dangerous situations, but police were credited for subduing the bad guys.

So do we have the same thing here? And some working slipped through copying editing and wound up in the paper?

IMHO, we should be tipping our hats to the members of the church congregation in Granada Hills, Calif. who refused to become victims and stood up to this nut-job, even if he was packing a rifle.

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