12 May 2008

Banning Ammunition Through the Back Door

From the Arkansas-Democrat Gazette:

"Since the Supreme Court seems to agree that the Second Amendment guarantees an individual right to bear arms, gun haters are trying a different tactic. They want to ban lead bullets on the false premise that they’re a public health hazard and also hazardous to endangered bird species, like the California condor."

"A joint news release from the American Bird Conservancy and the Peregrine Fund noted that studies of several bird species have provided “extensive documentation” of the health hazard posed to birds that ingest lead ammunition residues in the remains of gun-killed animals.
That’s the jab. Now for the hook. “New studies suggest that humans who eat game shot with lead ammunition may also be at risk,” the release continued. Help me out here. How many centuries have people safely eaten gun-killed meat ? Regardless, the news release added that state health officials in North Dakota recently ordered food banks to discard donated venison because it “can” contain lead fragments."

This happens frequently. Can't get control of the people through the legislature? Try the courts. Can't get judges to break the law and see it your way? Create a scare and get public health agencies to do your dirty work. All straight out of the anti self-defense, anti hunting playbooks.

The full story is here. It reminds us to keep watch.

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