15 May 2008

All Eyes on Louisville USA

The National Rifle Association is in Louisville, Ky. in a big way. I'm still hoping for an outside chance to get down for a day, maybe even two. Time is running short.

Many of my fellow "online pamphleteers" are already onsite, and taking part in the first ever Second Amendment Blog Bash.

Here is who has hit town already (until I get there I am living vicariously through their posts):

- Bitter and Sebastian
- Ahab (actually, he's getting in Saturday)
- SailorCurt
- Sharp As A Marble
- The Smallest Minority
- The View From North Central Idaho

and many, many more. Should be quite a gathering . . . and the VPC folks, Brady Bunch et al can only stand by and wonder why at such a family-oriented event there are soooooo many guns, and not a single "incident."

Because as the old saying goes, "an armed society is a polite society."

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