28 May 2008

Castle Doctrine Bill, Am. Sub. S.B. 184, Passes Ohio House of Representatives

In a lop-sided vote, Ohio lawmakers passed Castle Doctrine legislation and numerous CCW fixes. All I can say is it's about time!

Here is the best part. The statement from Gov. Ted Strickland, a pro-self defense democrat:

"I am proud to support this important legislation that protects gun owners throughout the state of Ohio. I look forward to signing these common sense
protections into law."

Now THAT is a man -- a politician -- who gets it. It is about the "people's safety." Not always looking out only for police officers' safety at the expense of taxpayers. What's more -- no one rose to speak against this bill when it was debated on the House floor. Not one person. They knew that common sense and fair play finally were going to succeed when it comes to people's rights.

Strickland is right. These ARE common sense protections. The loudest, and silliest, objections came from the association representing prosecuting attorneys. They objected to people being classified as innocent until proven guilty. They like it the way it has been with self defense (until today) -- guilty until you prove you had the right to defend yourself with lethal force.

The House of Representatives' vote was 73-23 vote in favor of the bill. The measure passed the Ohio Senate in April with a 31-0 vote. Since it was amended by the House, it will be returned to the Ohio Senate for concurrence before the entire Ohio General Assembly takes its summer recess.

It is not just a Castle Doctrine bill, either. It includes a number of fixes to Ohio's problematic CCW law.

The full story from my good friends at Buckeye Firearms Association.


Anonymous said...

Bravo - I was the one skeptical about the amendments - Buckeye got it done.

Now we need to work on being able to carry in a restaurant - talk about common sense... :)

Jeff said...

It just passed in the Ohio Senate, 25 yeas, 7 nays and is on it's way to Gov Strickland

Brent Greer said...

To EVERYONE from every group who got it done.....nice job! Kudos to all!