21 May 2008

McCain To Host Possible VP Candidates

The International Herald-Tribune is reporting that presumptive republican presidential nominee Sen. John McCain will host three potential GOP vice presidential candidates at his Arizona ranch this weekend. They are:

- Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (and former prez candidate)

- Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal

- Florida Gov. Charlie Crist

Jindal, while a political newcomer, is staunchly pro self defense and an outspoken advocate for the Second Amendment.

Romney is generally not a supporter of the rights of firearms owners, though he claims to support the 2A. He has supported bans on competition rifles, among other intrusions on civil rights.

Crist recently signed newly passed common sense legislation allowing CCW holders in Florida to keep loaded guns locked in their cars while they are at work.

At least Mike DeWine's name is no longer being bandied about as a possible VP choice. Talk about reasons for a heart attack! Though some think DeWine could make a suitable attorney general in a McCain White House.

No, No, NO!

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