19 May 2008

SNL Continues Excellent Political Spoofs

Saturday Night Live, more popularly known as "SNL" these days, has done one thing fairly well over its more than three decades on the air -- political humor.

Poking fun at presidential candidates has outshined some seriously lame comedy sketches. This weekend was no exception.

John McCain, the presumtive republican nominee, unexpectedly appeared in a Weekend Update segment and gave some advice to his fellow senators, democrats Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, and suggested they continue to take their time choosing a nominee.

"Do not under any circumstances, pick a candidate too soon. Imagine the excitement of leaving the convention and still not knowing who the nominee is. That would be crazy . . . crazy exciting!"

McCain even went so far as to suggest that if democrats are split, he would not object to both Clinton's and Obama's names appearing on the November general election ballot. He also suggested that democrats give John Edwards another look.

Not to be outdone, two SNL regulars performed a hilarious split screen look at the democrat divide, and opined on "How There Can Only Be One." Listen for the double-entendres and little jabs at each other.

Good stuff all around.

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