25 May 2008

Bloomberg Not Permitted To Testify In Gun Case

"New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg won't be able to say his piece about the gun menace on the city's streets at the upcoming trial of a Georgia gun dealer, a judge ruled Thursday. "I'm not going to permit the case to turn into a media show for either side," said Brooklyn federal judge Jack Weinstein. "I see no reason to have the mayor here."

"Bloomberg had hoped to take the stand next month against Jay Wallace, owner of Adventure Outdoors, which allegedly illegally sold guns later used by thugs in New York."

Too bad. I would have liked to have seen the good mayor -- great with sound bytes but shallow when it comes to facts -- under cross examination. I think he would have crumbled like a cheap Chinatown fortune cookie.

What is interesting is that the judge knows Bloomberg wants a show trial, and a forum for an argument that no one believes anymore. At least the judge's ruling falls on the side of decorum, intead of activist politics.

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