15 May 2008

The Right To Bear Arms, Deliver Food

"These are innocent people, trying to make a living, delivering to strange people like me in open robes . . . "

"And this makes delivering food one of the most dangerous jobs in the world . . . "

"Worse, it's the laziest, lames thugs who are being rewarded . . ."

Biting commentary on Pizza Hut, which fired a driver who responded to a phony call for food, and used a gun to shoot an armed robber, who had put a gun to his head in order to steal what cash he had on him. The driver was fired by the giant pizza chain for carrying a gun

to defend his life, even though the firearm saved his life, he was the victim, and he broke no laws.
Wait until you hear the stats on how many food delivery people are robbed, mugged or assaulted.

"This no weapons policy (of Pizza Hut) is like welfare for criminals . . ."

A video commentary with hard hitting opinion, laced with humor.

h/t to Buckeye Firearms Association

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