15 May 2008

Civil Rights In Georgia Take Another Step Forward

Georgia's Gov. Sonny Perdue Wednesday signed into law an important self defense bill on the final day for him to sign or veto legislation. The new law allows concealed carry license holders to carry firearms into restaurants that serve alcohol and in state parks.

"Perdue said last week he expected the issue to wind up in court, no matter what he decided.
For two years, it prompted a collision of Republican constituencies, as lawmakers debated the rights of gun-owners and the ability of landowners to control their property. A veto by Perdue would have guaranteed a third year of fighting in the legislature. House Bill 89 was passed by the Georgia General Assemblyin the final hours of the 2008 session. As in the year before, most of the debate on the measure had concerned a provision to permit employees to keep guns in vehicles parked on corporate parking lots.

"Business interests, who had opposed the bill, say the legislation's language has been watered down to the point that the parking lots issue is no longer a concern.
But when HB 89 made its final appearance before both the House and Senate, language was added that expanded the list of public places where holders of concealed weapons permits could take their guns."

Hats off to a progressive-thinking legislature, and governor, who put the basic human right of self defense before special interests.

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