28 May 2008

Law Prof Named Temporary Ohio AG

Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland has tapped the dean of the The Ohio State University law school to serve temporarily as attorney general after a sexual harassment scandal forced out the previous attorney general. Strickland, a democrat, says Nancy Rogers will lead the office for about six months but has no plans to run in the November election.

Sadly the two leading contenders (democrat and republican) for the post, and expected to throw their hats in the ring for the November election are, State Treasurer Richard Cordray, and former U.S. Sen. Mike DeWine.

Cordray, unless he truly has changed his tune, was an anti-gun candidate for a number of offices in years past. When he decided to run for state treasurer, he suddenly was a hunter's best friend, talking of his youth on the farm and his love of firearms. That is a far cry from comments he made when he screened to run for the Ohio General Assembly, and told various groups that he thought there was no need for anyone to own competition rifles (you know, the "scary" black rifles?).

DeWine, on the other hand, is a republican the Brady Campaign dreams about. His continued support of various gun control measures is of great concern. Of course, it is the worst kept secret that he would use the state treasurer's post as a springboard for running for governor. DeWine and former republican Gov. Bob Taft, who left office in disgrace after being convicted of ethics violations, were expected to run for each other's posts a few years ago. But Taft was so weakened politically he had no support for a Senate run, and DeWine was more or less told to run for re-election one last time for his Senate post.

DeWine was soundly defeated by Sherrod Brown, largely because DeWine lost the support of women who want to legally defend themselves and other firearms owners who realized he was the wrong person in office. Brown is no friend to firearms ownership, but at least we know where he stands. DeWine was all over the place.

Ms. Rogers actually might be someone we would want in theOhio attorney general's post, rather than -- GASP! -- professional politicians.

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