10 May 2008

Now Bloomberg Wants To 'Gag' The 2A

Updated: Monday, May 12, 2008, 7:35 am -- The Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) weighs in on Michael Bloomberg, whose actions as NYC mayor, the organization says, have gone from outrage to atrocity.

Updated: Saturday, May 10, 2008, 10 pm -- Dave Hardy's take on Mayor Bloomberg's latest complaint is that he not only doesn't like the 2A, but clearly has problems with the First Amendment, as well.

Did you know???

Mayor Mike -- New York City's Mike Bloomberg, that is -- has no problem demanding that his fiction-filled TV commercials not be censored, or denied air-time by TV stations . . .

"Meanwhile, Bloomberg's tv ads have met with similar resistance. The ads are intended to put pressure on key legislators, including Rep. Tiahrt himself, and are funded out of Bloomberg's pockets. But tv stations have refused outright to run them, with one station manager noting he could not "verify its claims." Bloomberg spluttered in outrage on his radio show, saying "You can't censor this kind of ad if you don't agree with the opinion," but the truth is that broadcasters can and do refuse to air ads that make false claims. "We are doing what responsible broadcasters do," Laverne E. Goering, kwch director of programming, told the Associated Press."

But he has NO problem demanding that any reference to the Second Amendment be stricken -- censored -- from the upcoming trial of a Georgia firearms retailer whom Bloomberg blames for crime in the Big Apple. Demanding, ha! Bloomberg wants to "gag" the 2A. Here is an excerpt from the argument being made:

"City lawyers, in a motion filed Tuesday, asked the judge, Jack Weinstein of U.S. District Court in Brooklyn, to preclude the store’s lawyers from arguing that the suit infringed on any Second Amendment rights belonging to the gun store or its customers. In the motion, the lawyer for the city, Eric Proshansky, is also seeking a ban on “any references” to the amendment. “Any references by counsel to the Second Amendment or analogous state constitutional provisions are likewise irrelevant . . .”

John Renzulli, the attorney for the Georgia retailer asks then if you can’t discuss the Bill of Rights in a court of law, where should these issues be discussed? In a tavern?

Bloomberg has a lot of nerve -- most of it reserved for the TV cameras. He has never met a gun law he didn't like, and doesn't give a damn for individual rights, except those rights that his personal fortune will buy him.

He strikes me lately as another Elliot Spitzer -- supposed champion of the people, but in reality just another common everyday control freak with an unchallenged power to mess with the lives of honest, average people who just want to be left alone.

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