30 May 2008

SAF Blasts Bradys, CREDO For Targeting Judicial Nominees Who Support The Constitution

The Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) yesterday issued a blistering news release accusing the Brady Campaign (formerly Handgun Control Inc.) for linking with an organization called CREDO to block confirmation of federal judicial nominees who accept the Second Amendment as protective of a fundamental individual civil right.

“If there were ever any question that the zealots at the Brady Campaign are determined to crush individual freedom and liberty in this nation,” said SAF founder Alan Gottlieb, “this new fund raising effort should put that question to rest. This is yet another outrageous example of the extreme ends to which they will go in order to stack our federal courts with far left activist judges whom they hope will trample the rights of law-abiding citizens.

"In its fund raising appeal, CREDO Mobile – which financially supports various Far Left causes including the Brady Campaign – bemoans the likelihood that a Supreme Court ruling, due next month in the Heller case, will affirm that the Second Amendment protects an individual civil right to keep and bear arms. The group also complains that such a ruling will lay the foundation for legal challenges of extremist gun laws now on the books in several states."

The full text of the SAF news release may be found by clicking here.

This is troubling, to say the least. Such litmus tests are usually derided by the political left, unless it fits a cause they support. And it is demonstrative their the empty arguments don't hold sway with a thinking public, or most state or federal lawmakers. Their only hope, a last gasp, is to try to block judicial nominees -- particularly if a far left leaning president moves into the White House in January and anti self defense lawmakers pick up additional seats in Congress.

Very troubling, indeed.

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