28 May 2008

Gun Controllers Say Suicides Will Drop If Only Guns Went Away; Apparently Japan Is Never Studied

They have gun control in Japan, right? And virtually no private ownership of firearms, right?

Sooooo . . . why then is the suicide rate continuing to grow in this asian nation?

"A new government report says the number of Japanese who committed or attempted suicide due to overwork and stress has doubled in the past five years."

Could it be that this island nation defies some natural law that the Bradys, VPC and others content exists in the universe?

Or could it be there is NO link between firearms and suicide, never has been, and that the argument is just a red herring to convince the uninformed to nod their heads in unison and say, "makes sense to me, I guess."

The things that make you go Hmmmm . . .

I guess we need to ban Killer Overtime. Yes, ban the assault overtime that is driving the Japanese people to take their own lives.

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