27 May 2008

If Bill Clinton Armed America, Philly Mayor Nutter Is Working Hard To Play 'Catch-Up'

Updated: Wednesday, May 28, 2008, 8:05 am -- Pennsylvania resident Sebastian asks an eye-opening question regarding the Phildelphia proposals to boost gun control laws. His query: Based on the evidence, isn't the real problem a broken criminal justice system?

. . . . Mayor Nutter of Philadelphia is singlehandedly (and unintentionally, I think) doing his part to arm the City of Brotherly Love.

From the Philadelphia Inquirer:

Leaning up against the counter in his second-floor gun shop in South Philadelphia, Gregory J. Isabella just sighed. On Tuesday, his business, Firing Line Inc., and the business of a competitor, Colosimo's Inc. in Center City, found themselves in the crosshairs of Mayor Nutter, who referred to them as "gun traffickers."

"These gun traffickers are not going to stop us from keeping the citizens of Philadelphia safe," Nutter said. What else is new? Isabella's been in the gun business nearly a quarter of a century, and it's always the same. Politicians are constantly squawking about guns. Lots of squawk, not a lot of real action.

"You look at all these politicos and all these bureaucrats," Isabella said. "They are hypocrites. They want to do something about crime. They know the issue, and they don't do anything."

Hmmm . . . lawful businesses being described as "traffickers" because the mayor doesn't like their product? Sad, very sad. It doesn't speak highly of Mayor Nutter, either. I'm not surprised that the firearms shop owner notes that city officials from the mayor on down know where the real problem lies, but do nothing about it. We have that same problem here in Columbus. A lot of talk about guns being the problem, and the only action coming being targeted multi-jurisdictional efforts aimed at going after "guns and drugs."

How come they don't go after CRIMINALS?

Of course, here's the best part of the Philadelphia story (and not unexpected among thinking peoples):

"Isabella's not too worried. Business is actually up since Nutter started his campaign. "When all this nonsense started with Nutter, people got up and shook off their guns and started to shoot" at the Firing Line's indoor range. "We've actually gotten busier both in sales and range use," Isabella said. Housed on the second floor of a nondescript warehouse on Front Street, the Firing Line is a company outgrowing its quarters."

Of course, Pennsylvania is in the crosshairs of the anti self defense cabal, as are many other states. The Joyce Foundation has just awarded a $350,000 grant to CeaseFire PA, the state's largest gun control group. The grant is to help C-PA strengthen its advocacy efforts statewide. Purportedly to help stem so-called "gun violence," in reality the organization works not to fight crime, but to instill draconian gun control laws that affect only law abiding sport shooters, hunters, and women and men who want to protect their children and families.

Developing . . .

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