11 May 2008

CNN's Lou Dobbs Takes On Case of David Olofson

CNN Anchor Lou Dobbs is now hard on the case of David Olofson, the Wisconsin military reservist who many feel was wrongly convicted on charges of unlawfully transferring a machine gun to another person.

What has Dobbs so riled up? It appears the BATFE intentionally witheld a document at trial stating that the agency knew the AR-15 style rifle was occasionally prone to malfunction that results in multiple burst firings without the intent of the user.

At issue: the letter the BATFE will not release. A judge is now, finally, looking into it. Dobbs is pissed that the letter appears to absolve the defendant, and the judge and attorneys "are playing games."

Dobbs also asks another interesting question: "Where in the world has the National Rifle Association been on this?" Interesting, indeed.

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