26 May 2008

Presidential Campaigning

Interestingly, some are saying that democrats are facing "buyers remorse." More and more rank and file dems are rejecting the "inevitable" nominee (that would be Mr. Obama, for those who have been sick or in Europe).

Meanwhile, Mrs. Clinton is campaigning today in Puerto Rico, where she is expected to win the island territory's Tuesday primary. Former President Jimmy Carter, openly critical of the New York senator's reluctance to leave the campaign, predicts that superdelegates will soon make their choices known and Mrs. Clinton will have no choice but to withdraw.

Still up in the air: delgates in Michigan and Florida.

And Mr. McCain's campaign is ruffling some feathers within the republican ranks, as well. While not the choice of conservatives, his supporters are sensing some "disorder" in the campaign organization -- which is worrying both his diehard backers and arms-length promoters.

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