21 May 2008

Joe Lieberman Asks What Happened To His Party; McCain Courting Left-Leaning Bloggers

While mushy on the firearms issue (he is another of those pushing to ban private firearms transactions between law abiding individuals), Joe Lieberman once again is asking what has happened to his political party. Specifically, why it has reduced itself to identity politics and away from ideas.'

A memorable piece in The Wall Street Journal.

GOP presidential hopeful John McCain, who co-sponsored the above-mentioned federal ban (though thankfully their legislation to interruption lawful commerce failed to pass), in the meantime is showing more of his "maverick" stripes this week.

His campaign has begun holding regular conference calls with leftwing bloggers and blogs that focus on single issues such as healthcare and the environment. It should be noted that these calls are in addition to the weekly calls McCain holds with conservative bloggers to keep them informed about his positions.

Tracy Russo, who was John Edwards’ blog outreach coordinator, called McCain’s new strategy to court leftwing bloggers “good thinking on the part of McCain’s campaign.”

Hmmm . . .

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