27 January 2010

Deep Thinking On The Austin Gun Show Debacle

So a question.

Assuming the "agreement" between law enforcement authorities, BATF and the show promoter agreeing to prohibit private transfers are true, under what authority, local ordinances, or code (state or federal) does law enforcement have a right to enforce a PRIVATE AGREEMENT?

You can't get police to take a police report on a private parking lot if there is a car accident.

At worse, I think all they could do would be eject you from the show. I'm not an attorney, but I cannot think of a single precedent that would allow BATFE or Austin Police to be the enforcers of a promoter's new "rule."

Thoughts anyone????


Ran said...

I think the Promoter needs to grow a pair.

If Wagner had told Barry to "Screw-off, pal!" when the Prez "fired" him, GM might still be GM. If the Bankers had told Paulson to "Shove it!" when he insisted they take TRAP funds, the Banks might still be independent.

If the Gun Shows cave to the Statist mob, they too will become little more than sheep.

It is time, people, to say - politely to the Officer - "Respectfully sir, do you have a Legal or Constitutional power to demand this?"

Brent Greer said...

That is, indeed, a polite way to say "shove it." BTW, Ran I added your site to my blogroll. Sorry it has taken so long!

Ran said...

My little site gets hits now and then. I've been guest-blogging at Libertarian Republican, too.


I could run your posts now and then as guest-posts. Feel free to ask - when a topic deserves broader reach, I'll help.

Which reminds me - Human Events now does gun blogging. Gettin' to like Jed Babbin more every week.