06 January 2010

Report: 'Risk Of Homegrown Terror Exaggerated'

According to USA Today, a new report out from Duke University says the risk of homegrown terror plots in the United States has been exaggerated, and that the risk is low due mostly to self-policing among the Muslim community in the U.S.

It is an issue that bears watching, but I have long suspected that the fear-mongering coming from the political left on this issue is not designed to clamp down on potential domestic terrorism incidents, but to go after firearms owners.

The usual "shut down the gun shows" or "limit gun purchases" or "eliminate private sales between friends" in order to reduce the terror threat has been a red-herring from Day One. Of course, the "do-gooders" will innocently say they have no beef with the Second Amendment. Of course not! But then gun shows are not about the Second Amendment. They are about the FIRST Amendment -- the freedom to assemble -- and eliminating a natural place where firearms aficianados gather to toss around ideas about politics, the latest "toys" coming on the market, buy books, outdoor gear, etc.

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