17 January 2010

Harol Ford Jr. Resurrects Discredited 'Gun Safety' Propoganda

Harold Ford Jr., the Tennessee politician, was once praised by democrats as a shining new star on the political playing field.

He left the Volunteer State and is in New York now, and weighing a bid to challenge Kristen Gillibrand, the NY senator who assume Hillary Clinton's U.S. Senate seat when the latter left to take the post as Secretary of State in the Obama administration. Ford, once the wunderkind of the dems, now is a target for the institutional powers that consider him a carpet bagger (they didn't think the same of Hillary, but then the liberal/progressive movement is consistently inconsistent).

NOW, Ford is making noises about gun safety. As you know, that that message -- a smokescreen for gun control -- didn't work the first time. I can't help but wonder why he would thinks it will fly this time. Gillibrand has been pro-gun in the past but since she assumed the U.S. Senate post she has, sadly, been a little bit more friendly toward the whole gun control message. Ford is making big noise about working with NYC Mayor Bloomberg

More interestingly, Tam notes that when Harold Ford was courting Tennessee voters some years back he made of big deal of reaching out to firearms owners. And she witnessed it first hand. Seeing whats happening now, she's hung a new name on him -- "Weathervane Ford."

Heh . . . anything to woo New York voters I guess. Sad, very very sad.

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