26 January 2010

Quote Of The Day

"I don't think its only those of us who shoot in the city who realize how much freedom we have lost. But its amplified and seen in our anger, our frustration and hopelessness about gun rights. Anger, fear and hopelessness are three of the reasons that people like you and me fall for the crap we read about. And our neighbors hear about. About gun violence, which always allows those terrible laws to be passed. We are conditioned to believe this crap. Conditioned, like a baby elephant in the circus. Did you know that if you chain up an african bull elephant at birth to an extremely large chain, that after a while this full adult, the largest animal in the jungle, will be conditioned not to pull on its tether. That after time it can be tethered to a dog leash? That it will not resist? Conditioned. Thats what Americans are becoming. Conditioned."

-- Kenn Blanchard, host of the Urban Shooter Podcast and the author of Black Man With A Gun

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