19 January 2010

Republican Scott Brown Leading Polls To Assume Seat of 'Liberal Lion'

With Ted Kennedy's death in Massachusetts, anyone who like the occasional wager would have questioned even a longshot bet on a republican candidate. But we are about to see an upset most never saw coming.

Anger over so-called healthcare "reform" being pushed against the will of the American people by the far left, anger over claiming that the seat was "Ted Kennedy's" seat, instead of a seat that belonged to the people of Massachusetts, anger over the ineptitude of a candidate when she was a prosecutor, all have contributed to voter dissatisfaction with the candidate put up by democrats -- particularly amazing in a state comprised of voters who are 3:1 registered democrats.

Scott Brown has been a strong challenger. On the firearms issue he favors concealed carry as long as background checks and licensing take place. But problematic, in my eyes, is his past support of background checks between private sellers of firearms at gun shows.

Time will tell, both in the outcome of the election, and where the eventual winner stands on the Second Amendment.


Jay said...

Here's hoping Mr. Brown prevails.

Ran said...

You misspelled 'Loin.' Just sayin'.