18 January 2010

Philadelphia Newspaper Paints Family Event As Sinister Affair

We all know gun shows are the quintessential family event in America.

But leave it to the Inquirer, one of many newspapers across the United States trying desperately to remain relevant, to vainly attempt a smear on a gun show held in Lebanon, Pa.

Sebastian has a great write up and analysis of both the event, and media coverage that just goes to show you that journalism schools aren't what they used to be. Or at least the product being being evacuated from j-schools these days is something akin to that from a bowel movement.

Read it for yourself. The errors-of-fact being too many to mention, you wonder if anyone hiding inside these once respected news offices even cares about their profession (once my profession many, many years ago). Credibility already waning, this just makes things far worse.

Again, I ask . . . as do so many others . . . do metro daily newspaper editors and publishers in Philadelphia and elsewhere still not have a clue why their circulation continues to drop faster than bowling balls tossed off the top of the Comcast Center or One Liberty Place?

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