19 January 2010

That Sound You Hear Is Ted Kennedy Spinning In His Grave

If Massachusetts democrats only could have channeled Ted Kennedy's thoughts from wherever he is, they might have heard him saying "Knock it off!"

As arrogant as he could be, he also was an astute . . . nay, brilliant politician. And though he wanted nationalized healthcare as much as anyone on the left, as watered down as the ridiculous bills had become (they were ridiculous to begin with: our healthcare system is not broken and is no danger to our economy, unlike the children running the U.S. Treasury and the White House), he could have sensed the mood in the country. And he would have said "slow down . . . don't endanger our huge majority."

But no. The children went after what they wanted, instead of what the American people wanted.

Tonight, like the days of Lexington and Concord more than 200 years ago, there was a shot heard from coast to coast. An election upset in a state where democrats outnumber republicans 3:1. Where independents and many dems turned against the democrat candidate Coakley in favor of Scott Brown.

The "progressives" playing the blame game are, privately, quite nervous. They don't understand why America just doesn't get it. Why the help they bring isn't being embraced. Why Americans aren't endorsing every last thing President Obama suggests.

It is, perhaps, because all hope is not lost. There are those Americans who think, who reason, who learn, and don't just do what they're told.

The left is already posturing about who did what wrong, and the efficacy of the campaign's strategy and tactics. But if they were to be intellectually honest -- which they won't -- they would admit that the liberal agenda being pushed from the top down in Washington DC, and from the bottom up by the MoveOns of the world, not not only not in the best interest of the American public, they are overwhelmingly being rejected by Main Street. Far left and left-leaning pols across the U.S, particularly on the two coasts, cannot feel their seats in Congress are safe after tonight.

Everything is in play.

Gun control didn't work, and it is no longer openly talked about by the Left. Healthcare "reform" was to be the big winner. But moms and dads, grandmas and granddads are seeing through the smoke and mirrors. My own mother, who has had health problems over the years, has said she is convinced she would be dead under a nationalized healthcare system.

As of now, while there is anti-gun legislation percolating in Congress, there has been no push to ram it through. At least with the stranglehold democrats have had in the U.S. Senate broken, level-headed people from either side of the aisle now can filibuster to slow down or stop bad legislative proposals.

And any gun control measure, is bad medicine for the American people. Just as this nationalized healthcare fiasco has been recognized as not anything the doctor ordered.

Do you know what a "bellwether" is? If not, look it up. Massachusetts tonight, IMHO, is just such an animal.

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Jay said...

Kudos to Mr. brown for breaking a stronghold down.