26 January 2010

In Austin, Texas Of All Places, Private Party Transfers Banned (For Now)

In case you didn't know it, there is much fur flying in Austin, Texas these days.

What gives? What at first appeared to be a flagrant violation of the law by the BATFE and the Austin, Texas police department arbitrarily banning the transfer of private property between one person and another in the Lone Star State. That private property being the lowly firearm, and the new "restriction" taking place at the long-running Austin Gun Show?

Now comes word that the ban on private transfers is the apparent result of an agreement between BATFE, Austin PD, certain "property owners" and the operators/managers of the gun show.

Are they nuts? My question is what did the PD or BATFE have on the gun show promoters to have the latter enter into such a ridiculous agreement to begin with?

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