21 June 2008

By Saying 'Don't Play The Race Card,' Obama Played The Race Card

Incredible just how low a candidate will go to get the upper hand. Sen. Obama very clearly played the race card by saying that he is sure republicans will play the race card in the November election. Did you follow that?

Does he really think voters are that stupid?

Of course, this is the man who says he supports the 2A, but . . .

- Endorsed an Illinois handgun ban proposal
- Says we should respect the 2A, but local gun bans are okay
- Co-sponsored a bill to limit purchases to one firearm per month
- Endorses CCW for retired police officers even though he has steadfastly opposed concealed carry (of course he was angling for a Fraternal Order of Police endorsement at the time)
- Wants to "keep guns out of the inner city." Claims it is about keeping guns out of criminals hands, but makes no provision for the grandmother who wants a firearm to protect herself, and the grandchildren she may be looking after.

Aren't there laws against pandering?

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DJK said...

Just hearing his name makes me cringe....