19 June 2008

Heller Opinion Could Come Today, Monday At Latest

If you didn't know, the U.S. Supreme Court's next day for releasing opinions is -- today, starting at 10 am. Most court observers think the opinion will come next Monday, the last day for releasing such this session, unless they add another day.

The speculation on delaying until the last possible moment is the Justices want to get it right, and memos are moving back and forth between offices commenting and negotiating on who will sign on to what, what footnotes they want included or stricken, etc. etc. etc.

Stay tuned . . .

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Cleveland said...

Interesting take on possible release date:


"2. The Heller decision could actually come later than June 23, the widely anticipated last scheduled day of proceedings for the session. The Court can add days to its calendar for additional decisions if it needs to, but these would typically come before the end of the week (June 27). Absolutely no way to know for sure until they act."