26 June 2008

Some Pink Pistols Miffed At CNN

Though PP has had a decent relationship with CNN, some members of the organization are none too pleased by particular working used to report the Heller decision.

If you recall, Pink Pistols is the national organization of gay, lesbian, bi and transgendered individuals, and their supporters.

Here's a taste:

What CNN published:

"The NRA, Disabled Veterans for Self-Defense and the transgender group Pink Pistols -- along with 31 states -- filed briefs supporting the District of Columbia's gun owners."
What the Pink Pistols members/supporters have to say about the story reference:
"Are they just dumb asses or do they think they are insulting us? It least they acknowledged our participation. Calling us "transgender" leaves out a bunch of our folks."
"Are they dumbasses or just dumb? Ok . . .who here expects CNN to give any slack to a pro gun-rights news story. This is the same network that was complicit in faking a news storyon how "assault weapons" were more powerful and destructive than their semi-auto counterparts."
Yep! Ignorant, biased, and staffed with a number of dumbasses. Did I mention biased?

Though generally favorable to Pink Pistols in the past, I know CNN would run a gay pride story in a heartbeat. But link it to the Heller case, which has stirred up so emotion and irrational claims from the antis, and even the legal use of firearms and how armed gays don't get bashed, and watch how the language changes.

It if isn't dumb, or biased . . . it's just plain sloppy journalism.

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