23 June 2008

Ohio GOP Still Searching For AG Candidate

Former Ohio Attorney General Jim Petro has announced he will not run for the post, and Delaware County Prosecutor Dave Yost has dropped out of the race. This leaves republicans with no candidate, as of yet, to run against current state Treasurer Richard Cordray, a democrat who wants to be attorney general.

After chatting over email with Dave Yost, he would have been a great candidate. An earlier post I wrote, was of great concern to him. He has since indicated he is taking steps to remove firearms from a list of items that can be regulated with model noise ordinances in Delaware County.

The Ohio Attorney General's office is an important post, particularly in how the office holder represents the interests of the state. Cordray is mixed on gun rights and frankly, I don't trust him. He has not announced that he has changed his mind about firearms, but instead is suddenly a supporter of the Second Amendment.

So as I have written before . . . we have one guy who did one thing on firearms and now claims another (I truly hope he has changed his thinking), running unopposed.

Not a good thing. I just hope the republicans don't put up some country-club type from their party who follows the irrational thinking that "reasonable" (there's that word again) gun restrictions are okay.

Hello! The issue is what one person thinks is "reasonable" rarely matches what others believe.

Geez I hate that word, and I don't hate anything! Yes, yes I know, hate is a sickness . . . I'll get help.

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