08 June 2008

Obama's The Man; Let's Review His Gun Control Record

Dave Hardy at Arms And The Law reminds us of Mr. Obama's record on gun control. No matter how much he claims to support the Second Amendment, actions speak louder than words.

Dave at first thought this piece was satire, but it appears to be serious. So I will concur that with friends like these, Sen. Obama's stance on firearms rights could not be more clear. He wants it both ways and the National Rifle Association is not conducting a smear campaign, but in fact is enlightening voters with facts.

Of course, Mr. McCain should take note also. Firearms owners are very suspicious of the senior senator from Arizona because of a number of issues.

NOTE: The author of IckyPeople.com lives in suburban Chicago, an area so full of hatred for firearms and firearms owners that those people consider anti self-defense Chicago Mayor Daley their vaunted leader. Haters need to get help. Hate is a sickness, you know. Medical attention is recommended.

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