24 June 2008

NICS Lie Results In Arrest Of Former NBA Star

This is the first time I have EVER heard of someone being arrested or charged because they failed their NICS check.

"Former Philadelphia 76ers guard Aaron McKie was charged Monday with lying on firearms applications in April in an effort to buy two handguns he was barred from owning because he was subject to a restraining order."
Is it because he lied on the form, or is he being singled out as a former star pro athlete?

There are criminals who go to gun stores every day across this nation and try to buy a gun. They are denied. And the system does nothing because it was designed that way; the pols who pushed it through can claim proudly that they are turning away criminals, felons and wife beaters, but the very act of trying to buy said firearm is a crime. But the anti-gunners in Congress don't want penalties attached, because that might act as a deterrent.

And we can't have that. We need scum to keep trying to buy guns so we can show how well the system works to keep them out of their hands . . .

h/t to Alphecca.

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