12 June 2008

Surrounded By Bill Supporters, Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland Signs SB 184 Castle Doctrine Legislation

Gov. Ted Strickland, surrounded by lawmakers and individual Ohioans who pushed for this critically important citizen safety legislation, signs Senate Bill 184, Castle Doctrine legislation for the Buckeye State. The bill includes a number of improvements to Ohio's concealed carry (CCW) law.
Truly, the end result of a strong team effort among grassroots advocacy organizations and individual Ohioans, and a bill that Gov. Strickland calls "common sense." For all the times I hear those two words bastardized at the Statehouse by anti-gun lobbyists, it finally was used properly and in context at yesterday's bill signing.
The Columbus Dispatch, in an intriguing sentence in its story coverage, went out of its way to point out that neither Gov. Strickland nor his wife have a CCW license. Well, of course not! They are surrounded by armed bodyguards from the Ohio State Highway Patrol 24 hours, and live in a state-owned mansion with armed troopers on site. This legislation was for ALL the people of Ohio, not just those who enjoy taxpayer-paid protection.
In fact, I would gather that is one of the reasons Strickland signed the bill. HE UNDERSTANDS that the vast, VAST majority of Ohioans have no one to protect them . . . that they are their own first line of defense. Thanks again to Sen. Buehrer and Gov. Strickland for pushing this MORE than reasonable legislaiton.
Also, I owe a big "thank you" to Roland Millar of Peoples Rights Organization (PRO) for snapping and sending the photo along to The Ready Line.


Anonymous said...

3 cheers for everyone who had something to do with getting this legislation passed. Your helps is appreciated too Mr. Greer.

Brent Greer said...

A tardy reply to A. You are welcome. I played a small role publicly...a little more behind the scenes.