16 June 2008

Oakland, Calif. Gun Buyback Has Residents Talking About How To Spend Their Cash

Police say these gun buybacks make us all safer. It doesn't, but it makes for good press (for LEOs and the antis).

But one man's plans make me nervous:

"Jack Bowers of Oakland brought in his .22-caliber Derringer handgun. He
plans to use his $250 to buy hops and malt to make beer."

Damn . . . doesn't he know that alcohol kills? At least I live in Central Ohio and his use of alcohol can't hurt me. Okay, I wrote that with tongue firmly planted in cheek. Still, Sebastian over at Snowflakes in Hell considers other implications of this buyback. In one case, a collectors piece from the Korean War, will be melted to make a peace memorial. A piece of history, a tool that helped keep this nation free, will be gone forever. And for what?

All so a handful of people could enrich themselves, so some others can feel better about themselves, and so police can get some publicity and spout some irresponsible nonsense about the streets being safer.

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