10 June 2008

Castle Doctrine Bill Becomes Law In Ohio

Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland signed Senate Bill 184 this afternoon, landmark Castle Doctrine legislation, surrounded by a number of supporting lawmakers and representatives from the three leading grassroots gun rights groups in the state -- Peoples Rights Organization, Buckeye Firearms Association, and Ohioans for Concealed Carry.

Kudos to everyone in the Ohio General Assembly who supported this important citizen safety legislation, and to the three groups who helped push things along. Special thanks to BFA for helping author an amendment -- that passed as well -- to fix a number of problems with Ohio's four-year-old concealed carry law. The CCW fixes will go far to help keep families safer, and simplify a convoluted law, which when originally passed, was designed to pacify EVERYONE.

With each year, we get it amended to make MORE sense, and the confusion for both law enforcement and the mother who wants to protect her children, is lessened.

Finally, thank you Gov. Strickland, for your support of this legislation, and Sen. Buehrer, for sponsoring the bill and pushing it through both houses of the legislature.

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