07 June 2008

Seattle Mayor Planning To Break State Law

Another U.S. city official is publicly announcing he plans to break the law. This time it is in Seattle, Wash., according to an alert that just went out from the Pink Pistols organization.

This is the text of an email I received this evening:

"In breaking news today across all local media, it was announced that the Mayor of Seattle would bar concealed carry regardless of state license status on all city property in an announcement on Monday, June 9th. It is suggested that comments be made to the city, and to local media (letters to the editor, etc) as soon as possible. Be polite, be knowledgeable, and be aware that the media will often choose to use your own quotes in a less than flattering fashion. Be sure to mention how this increases the risk of gay bashing in city parks and facilities, by ensuring that law-abiding gay folk are helpless in the face of the rising number of hate crime based assaults."
Once again, if this is true, the mayor of a big city is flouting law and order to push a fringe political agenda. According to the Seattle Times, the mayor already plans to ban CCW at community festivals funded or sponsored by the city. This as a result of a shooting by an individual who has been identified as a concealed firearms permit holder, who officials say was under federal disability, even though the Snohomish County Sheriffs Department issue the license.

It wouldn't hurt for CCW advocates from around the U.S. to POLITELY send messages to city officials pointing out how this knee-jerk reaction may well get people killed.


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