28 June 2008

Heller: Affirmation of Affirmation?

So I am having lunch yesterday with a person whom I greatly respect and who's opinion I trust, and conversation turned to the Heller decision. We were talking about the "new right" that a dissenting opinion mentioned, and how anti-gun legacy media has picked up on that and rolled with the clearly biased language.

Clearly the 2A is not a new right, nor does the majority opinion in Heller create such.

Our question: Isn't Heller really an affirmation of an affirmation of a existing right?

Interestingly, this morning I saw commentary on another blog that Heller, perhaps, is "the second shot heard 'round the world."


Anonymous said...

well "DUH" as you like to say brent. it is an affirmation of an affirmation. a nice observation!

Sandra Loomis said...

Your approach is funny Mr. Breer, but definitely on target. Heller can be looked at as an affirmation of an affirmation, for the Bill of Rights, so wrote the founders of this nation, was in deed an affirmation of what they said were natural rights already accorded to man. Too bad people at news services and even some or our learned justices are so ignorant of our history and legacy. Thank you for pointing this out.

Anonymous said...

it is not a new right. i heard ABC news this morning doing horror stories on self defense shootings, and talking about how they can go horribly wrong. the big media don't like this decision, and they are trying to put shit out there to say, okay it may be the law, but people should not be trying to defend themselves because innocent people are going to get hurt. its idiocy.