27 June 2008

Reuters: Heller Outcome Signals Emergence Of 'A New Right'

I was not planning to write anymore on Heller until I had penned my analysis of the dissenting opinion in the case. But a post at The Volokh Conspiracy has me spitting nails.

Reuters News Service (an international group, but one that has its origins in Germany) referred to Justice Anton Scalia's majority opinion as creating "a new right."

New? NEW? I want to learn the background on the writer who put those sentences together, though they surely pulled them from the dissenting opinion. But the Second Amendment is NOT a new right.

The 2A affirmed rights that existed prior to the founding of the United States. At least that's what the Framers wrote that it did.

But then, once agin, here is another reporter -- and news agency -- refusing to let facts stand in the way of a good story.

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