21 June 2008

Facts, Figures vs. Vitriol, Anger, Emotion

The Los Angeles Times recently, in a rare feat of reasonableness (is that a word?), wrote a piece that treated firearms owners . . . fairly. It was all about open carry.

The comment section, on the other hand, demonstrates who the people are on both sides of the discussion. And the differences could not be more apparent!

On one hand, we have reasonable, common sense discussion with facts, figures, stats, and even anecdotal evidence. On the other hand, we have anger, accusations, flat-out fiction . . . more emotion than you can shake a stick at. Funny, it's firearms owners who supposedly are so emotional about their sport and the Constitution that they are supposedly only one bad decision away from becoming a criminal. Yet when you look at the comments, you find that gun owners - while passionate -- enjoy reasoned discourse on the topic.

While the antis . . . well, they are ready to blow a gasket.

So with that said, I wish to point you to Sebastian at Snowflakes in Hell. He has written a very strong essay on the LA Times story, the reaction by commenters, and what it all means.

A must read, and something to be passed along.

Nicely written, Sir.

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