24 June 2008

MoveOn Is Pissed At Obama

It seems that now that Sen. Obama has the democrat nomination pretty much locked up in a pretty box, he is moving back toward the political center to appeal to more Americans, many of whom neither really feel they know him or believe his youth is enough to entrust with a four-year stint in the White House.

From TheHill.com:

"MoveOn.org has challenged Obama for supporting a compromise on intelligence surveillance legislation that many Democrats oppose.

"MoveOn.org officials have come close to accusing Obama of breaking a promise he made last year to fight a bill that would grant legal immunity to telecommunications firms that shared customer information.

"More evidence of Obama’s ideological trajectory is a television advertisement emphasizing patriotism, personal accountability and tax cuts in Republican strongholds such as Alaska and Montana.

"Obama’s campaign is fighting Republican efforts to portray him as an out-of-touch liberal.

"Democratic and Republican strategists say that Obama’s focus on liberal policies during the long Democratic primary and his Senate voting record make him vulnerable to that label."
Well, DUH! He is vulnerable, because its not just a label! This will get very interesting in the coming months as the most liberal senator in Washington is hammered relentlessly by the left-wing grassroots for not being "liberal enough." At what point will they let up if they feel Sen. John McCain, the presumptive republican nominee, is gaining an edge because of their machinations?

Interesting, indeed . . .

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