21 June 2008

Mayor Bloomberg Needs To Do Something About 'Assault Cars'

Updated: Saturday, June 21, 2008, 8:43 am -- CORRECTION! There were three separate incidents where cars plowed into people in New York City. Eighteen people hurt, some seriously. One of the drivers wasn't even licensed. How did he get a car? It just shows how easy cars are to get these days when no one will pass common-sense laws that would require background checks for anyone wanting to buy a car. Closing the "newspaper loophole," where thousands of cars are advertised for sale without the requirement of a background check, will go far toward saving lives. Those ads should be banned, don't you think? We should do it for the children.

At least a dozen people are hurt in Manhattan after vehicles veered onto sidewalks in two accidents in bustling Manhattan neighborhoods.

Here's the bizarre part of this tragic incident: the driver in one of the incidents, whose police say accidentally hit the accelerator instead of the brake, "isn't expected to face charges."

Really! So if I "accidentally" shoot someone because I mistake the trigger for the trigger guard, I would not face charges?

The assault cars need to be regulated. Background checks when you buy an automobile, right? And no automobiles allowed to be sold by private dealers without said background check, right?

For the children?

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