08 June 2008

Stabbing Sprees In Japan, England

Of course, the do-gooders have long maintained that if only guns were gotten rid of, there would be no more violence.

Hmmm . . .

Tell that to people in Tokyo, where earlier today some nut job killed seven people and wounded 10 more -- all using a knife in a crowd of pedestrians in a busy electronics and video games district of the city.

Or tell that to the people in England, who now -- are you ready for this? -- are looking at a ban on knives.

So the question becomes, when will this focus on blaming the tool instead of blaming the criminal creep into the American discussion? Sooner rather than later, I fear.

As James Joyner, writing for Outside The Beltway blog, says, "This tragedy could have been prevented. There’s simply no reason for assault knives to be in the hands of ordinary citizens." I have written words like that frequently, too. Joyner likes to satirize with "ban the evil item" essays. My comments are more along the line of post-scripts. TRL readers will note the number of "ban the assault knives," "ban the assault cars," and "ban the assault kitchen cleansers" briefs I've written during the past year.

Gun bans have done nothing to stem crime. To see nations that now have virtually no private firearms ownership due to gun control moving to ban knives? To prevent crime? Madness.

Remember the definition of insanity . . . . . . ?

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