27 June 2008

Commentary Coming On Heller Dissent

I wrote last night that four justices of our highest court in the United States were . . . ARE . . . perfectly willing to throw one-tenth of the Bill of Rights under the bus.

Why? Because they don't like the end result of an individual right to own a firearm. Scary, isn't it? What else would they disregard "because they don't like it?"

Others have been dissecting pieces of the Heller opinion since it was released yesterday morning, and I've published some broad impressions. The next time I post regarding District of Columbia v. Heller, I will be sharing my analysis of the dissent in the case, and what this disturbing argument may portend for the future of public safety -- and constitutional rights in general -- in the United States.

In a case with so much importance . . . a case that has so many public officials worried that their personal fiefdoms are at risk because ordinary citizens may gain back their basic human right to self defense . . . that so many of the dissenting judges practically slept through the reading of opinions yesterday is, well, bothersome.

Like I said, they are perfectly willing to throw the 2A under the bus, knowing the firestorm that their opinion -- if in the majority -- would cause in this nation.

And they doze through the proceedings . . . not a care, not a worry . . . just full of arrogance and disinterest.



Anonymous said...

"so many of the dissenting judges practically slept through the reading of opinions yesterday is"

Has anyone posted on this?

I heard that Scalia and then Stevens read from the bench, longer than usual, but don't know if their remarks were recorded.

What did they say? Who was sleeping?

Brent Greer said...

It only received minor coverage, but was in the MSM. Then dropped away. Guess it looked too bad to some editors to keep in the stories. I no of no one else who has posted on it. I'll have names in upcoming post, and reference to original news stories from legacy media.