16 June 2008

Still Waiting On Heller Decision

From Legal Times:

"The Supreme Court handed down only two decisions this morning, and once again, none of the blockbuster cases still outstanding for the term was among them. The Court announced it will return to the bench on Thursday, so that's the next opportunity for the justices to release either D.C. v. Heller (Second Amendment gun rights) or Exxon Shipping Co. v. Baker (Exxon Valdez punitive damages) or Kennedy v. Louisiana (death penalty for non-homicide rape). The Court also granted review in three cases, one of which has attracted a brief from three former attorneys general and two former FBI directors."

I was just on the telephone with a colleague in Iowa, and he was telling me how bad things are there with the flooding. And more rain is expected. Guess what was the most important thing he wanted to know about? The Heller case.

Its all in your perspective, I guess.

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