13 June 2008

DC Dragnet, Checkpoint Program Cancelled

Remember the plan that leaked out last week about the Washington DC police setting up checkpoints at neighborhood intersections, and not letting people in or out of area "unless they had business there?"

Well, it has been cancelled by DC Police Chief Cathy Lanier. But not entirely because of complaints, though there were many from private citizens and civil rights activists, alike.

No, the program to screen people coming in and out of the troubled Trinidad neighborhood was suspended because it was an abject failure.

"The program, in which all drivers must justify their purpose for being in a targeted area, has been criticized by civil rights groups, D.C. council members and residents who said police are overstepping their power.

"As crime occurs elsewhere in this city, they're going to have to go back to community policing," said council member Phil Mendelson (D-At Large), who is holding a hearing Monday on the initiative.

"Checkpoints aren't going to stop crime," Mendelson said."


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Randall said...

This "papers please" attitude among some of the elites has got to stop. I cannot believe that this ever was approved to begin with.