21 February 2008

Animation, Dance Track Disappoints

Quirky video with a doe-eyed animated babe in a store passing up shoes, handbags, hats, other expensive stuff, etc. for some other expensive stuff that is a bit more . . . politically incorrect.

All backed up by some anti-gun club music.

Note: The end of the video is disturbing, suggesting that her purchase of a firearm would be the cause of carnage in the store. And to see her throw the sidearm in the trash where some two-legged vermin could pick it up and do God knows what? . . . very tasteless and irresponsible of the animators. Still, as my new friend in northeast Ohio says, PSH: The Soundtrack has a good beat and you can dance to it!

(Miss Breda, me thinks you watched a lot of American Bandstand in your yute.)

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