21 February 2008

Student Journalist: Should The 2A Be Changed?

The writer acknowledges he sees no further restrictions coming on firearms, but the comments he collected from his fellow students are instructive of . . . a lack of education.

"I think the Second Amendment is a just amendment and it should stay, but the problem is we aren't enforcing laws on gun sales and the sale of illegal firearms well enough anymore."
Quite true. Now first off, once again, this whole "illegal firearm" wordplay nonsense is getting tedious. Still, the student interviewed is correct in that this nation, states, and municipalities have passed tens of thousands of gun laws. Few of which are enforced. Because most were passed to "make statements," and not to have any real impact. Here in Columbus a few years back, an assistant city attorney was quite bold when he said that a ban on competition rifles in the city would have no impact on crime. But they passed it anyway. Because the powers that be had to be seen as "doing something."

"While I agree the Second Amendment is a good amendment, I believe we need to further progress in laws constricting the use and sale of guns. For instance, I think that medical records should always be presented in the sale of a gun to show mental stability in purchasing a firearm. Also in dealing with school shootings, universities should have the right to search dorm rooms for firearms if there is a belief one exists in the room."
"Further progress?" Interesting choice of words. Well then we had better be hauling around that Rubbermaid container full of medical records everywhere we go. Buying steak knives? Better have medical records ready to show your mental stability. Because knives kill (meat cleavers too). Filling your car up with gas? Papers please. Better have the medical records ready to show your mental stability. Because cars kill.

Unfortunately, I don't have time this morning to get into the Fourth Amendment question of universities abitrarily searching dormitory rooms. Of course, then what of students who live off-campus? And once again, what about knives and other edged weapons that students keep in their rooms.

So call up the Constitutional Convention folks. There are some other amendments that a lot of Americans would like to see changed too. But think about it. Are you really ready to go down that path?

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