24 February 2008

SNL Spoofs The Presidential Field

Saturday Night Live scored its highest ratings in about two years last night, as the comedy show was back on the air for a live show for the first time in nearly three months. Spoofed were Gov. Mike Huckabee's unwillingness to leave the presidential race despite the mathematical impossibility he can clinch the nomination ("I'm not really a math guy . . . I'm more of a miracle guy.")

Plus, the cast spoofed the Obama-Clinton debate from a few nights ago, pointing out the media's infatuation with the Illinois senator, and the easy questions he seems to be thrown everywhere he goes. Best word of the night: When the Sen. Clinton character was told she owed an "Obmapology" for interrupting Obama Girl.

Former head writer Tina Fey, the show's host last night, had her own commentary on Sen. Clinton's presidential aspirations. "Bitch" is the new black, she concludes.

Funny stuff all. Of course, if you recall, until Mr. Obama entered the race, for years it was Sen. Clinton who was the recipient of softball questions. In fact, in this SNL clip from last November, the show was lampooning the fact that Mrs. Clinton was the media darling. The writers even got NBC's Brian Williams, in a cameo, to say that the networks all want her to win and are already taping news stories on what she planned to do during her first 100 days in the White House.

My how times change . . .

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