22 February 2008

The Answer To Campus Shootings: BAN School Musicals

Inside Higher Ed has a piece on how universities from Yale to Arkansas Tech have considered bans on stage plays, or certain props that look like firearms.

In the case of Yale, the university backed down after days of ridicule. Arkansas Tech, a week after shootings at a gun-free campus in neighboring Nebraska, cancelled the performance of a musical. But it did permit a final dress rehearsal so students could "experience" putting on a play in full costume.

Oh, and only on the condition that wooden stage guns were cut in half prior to the event and not used.

Complicating matters . . . the play was Assassins, a musical in which the characters are the historic figures who have tried to kill a U.S. president. Hmmmmm . . .

1 comment:

Ace said...

Can you imagine the school that decides to put on Les Miz?

Especially if they have to cut those guns in half. It'd be a funny looking student uprising.