28 February 2008

SCCC Gaining Ground; 14 Ohio Chapters; Buzz Stirring At Campuses Nationally

Students For Concealed Carry On Campus now has 14 chapters in Ohio on -- guess where? -- college campuses!

A pretty well-balanced story from the Mount Vernon (Ohio) News covers the details. Additionally, there is commentary from the spokespersons for the liberal arts Kenyon College (Gambier) and the conservative Mount Vernon Nazarene University (Mount Vernon).

Out West, the South Dakota State Collegian says it supports a 2A "right," but disagrees with the bill that would have allowed carry on college and university campuses in South Dakota.

"While The Collegian is a strong supporter of freedoms guaranteed in the Bill of Rights-without freedom of speech and of the press we wouldn't exist-as well as the need to feel safe, we do not believe it is in students' best interest or safety to keep a firearm in their dorm room or to add a gun to the list of items we take to class religiously."
Okay, first off, its not about "feeling" safe. It's about BEING safe. And no one is even remotely suggesting that a firearm be a required item necessary for daily classwork. What is being advocated is giving SD university students, faculty and staff the "option" of carrying.

"Students deserve to be treated like full citizens, with all the rights guaranteed to us by the United States Constitution, but until the uproar has settled and rational thought returns, allowing firearms on campus without a sound plan for regulation and registration is an accident waiting to happen."

Actually, rational thought is FINALLY being injected into what previously has been a never-ending freight train of irrational fear-mongering and empty rhetoric. The very reason this issue is percolating on college campuses is because students have witnessed -- first hand -- the carnage resulting from empty promises of the gun control lobby and the deep-pocketed foundations that fund it.

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